Blue Box Water Chillers & Heat Pumps


Blue Box Chillers, Heat Pumps & Cooling Solutions

Easyair have been distributors of Blue Box since 2001 and have a wealth of experience with all Blue Box chilled water products and applied systems.



Founded in 1986 in North East Italy, Blue Box has quickly become a leading specialist within the chillers and heat pump industry, receiving praise for its efficient and innovative products. As part of the Swegon group, Blue Box produces state of the art chilled water and applied air conditioning systems that utilise the latest advances in technology to deliver products that are continuously of the highest standards and quality, also moving to a new 25,000 state of the art manufacturing facility implementing a full Lean Manufacturing system in 2008.


From free cooling chillers, to heat pumps and rooftop units, Blue Box supplies consumers with quality products that are perfect for both commercial and industrial purposes. Crafted in a state of the art factory, all Blue Box chilled water & applied system units are designed to be environmentally and eco friendly, providing efficient and economical appliances to companies all over Europe. Reliable, efficient and revolutionary, Blue Box offer a service that is second to none!




Specialising in water chillers Blue Box have designed and produced some of the leading environmentally friendly products available to the market, and are recognised as one of the leading air chillers and heat pumps manufacturers in Europe, with an anual turnover in excess of 70 million euros.


Blue Box Product Range

Air-cooled water chillers from 5 to 1800 kw

Free-cooling water chillers from 50 to 1500 kw

Water-cooled chillers from 5 - 2000 kw

Condensing units from 5 - 350 kw

Close control units from 5 - 250 kw

Heat pumps for hot water

Roof top packages


Products are available with many options and design features which include:

  • Refrigerants R410a,R134a R1234ze
  • Scroll and screw compressors
  • Inverter drives
  • EC fans
  • Pump packages
  • Low noise options
  • Hi Efficiency options
  • Environmental protection for harsh environments
  • Centrifugal fans
  • BMS interfaces
  • Leak Dection


Blue Box Testing Policies

All products are tested prior to leaving the factory, in end of line test bays. Testing may also be witnessed in Blue Box's state of the art laboratory.

Blue Box Testing Options

  • Full load testing to 40c ambient conditions
  • Part load testing
  • Free cooling testing to -5c
  • Acoustic testing


Blue Box Products Certifications



ISO 14001

Green Building council