Air Handling Units & Ventilation


Air Handling Units



The Air handling units(AHU) series CTL make an important contribution to improving air quality and the environment we live in. the CTL range have been designed with specific scope of improving our environment, because they allow any kind of process; thermo-hygrometric handling, cleaning, filtration and also heat recovery. There are 32 Models ranging from 2,000 to 110,000m³/h.   



The EAL ventilation means they can be used in any type of system. Either for supply or exhaust air, including in combination with air handling units. The series use Centrifugal fans with forward curved blades. Units cover a range from 1,500 to 30,000m³/h.

eal-sp-dp-sil.pdf           eal-tech.pdf     


The MCL Range are available in 6 sizes, Covering a range of air volumes from 960 to 5920m³/h, In horizontal version for false-ceiling or for floor level installation (outdoor installation is not provided).





TVL series satisfy all heating and cooling requests, thanks to their structural features, both civil and industrial applications, they are available in 9 sizes from 1,700 to 25,000m³/h.

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RL series combine maximum room comfort and energy recovery system; they have many applications in public areas, where smoke and crowing make the continuous air renewal necessary.

Units are available in horizontal and vertical, the structure is made of aluminium profiles and galvanized sheet panels with soundproofing mattress or sandwich panels. Ranges from 400 to 5000m³/h.

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Steel Clean

STEEL CLEAN units are designed to satisfy all requirements coming from the plant engineering to the food industry, the special configuration of the structure made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, with internal rounded corners and inspection panels in each section makes the structure for a high cleanliness level, which is necessary in order to prevent any bacterial proliferation.




The HRL high efficiency energy recovery units they are designed for systems operating 100% outside air, bringing costs savings while at the same time guaranteeing excellent air conditioning performance in environments such as schools, offices, banks, swimming pools and public premises.

The series uses centrifugal fans directly coupled to the latest generation EC motors. The units range from 1000 to 15000m³/h.