Site References


Easy Air Conditioning has an extensive number of previous developments completed. Easy Air technicians pride themselves on their customer service. Giving our customers a professional, courteous & punctual service is the key to our success. Below are a selection of previous site Jobs carried out by the company.


Site  Name; Telecity London

End user; Telecity

Consultant; Red Engineering

Contractor; Spie

Approx value; £250,000

Equipment details;  2 x 600 KW Free cooling chillers

Completion date; Dec-13

Special features; Chillers supplied were free cooling

 non glycol type fitted with accoustic package to

 achieve 64dba.

Site  Name; Verizon UK  4

End user; Verizon

Consultant;Red Engineering

Contractor; Mitie

Approx value; £550,000

Equipment details; 4 x 850 KW Free cooling chillers

Completion date; Dec-12

Special features; Chillers supplied were free cooling

non glycol type

Site  Name; Southend Airport

End user; Airport Autorities

Consultant; Tucker and Associates

Contractor; Intergral

Approx value; £350,000

Equipment details; 4 x Airhandling units complete with Samsung Condensing unit. 3 X Samsung DMS systems

Completion date; Feb-14

Special features; All airhandling units were supplied with built in Trend controls and Samsung VRF dx airhandling units kit to treat the freshair. Offices were supplied with Samsung DVMS systems using a mixture of ducted and cassette units.



Site  Name; 15 Bishopsgate

End user; Multiplex

Consultant; WSP

Contractor; ESG

Approx value; £250,000

Equipment details; 2 x Blue Box Kappa Rev FCWater Chiller AND 2 x Loran AHUS

Completion date; June -17

Special features; Free cooling chiller module

Site Name; Domestic and Genreal Brighton

End user; Aviva

Consultant; JDA

Contractor; McDowall Air-conditioning

Approx. value; £200,000

Equipment details; 11 x Samsung DMS systems and 2 x AHUS

Completion date; Jan-15

Special features; All units were treated with anti-corrosion finish

Site  Name; Alteon Training centre

End user; Alteon

Consultant; Johnathan Hart and Associates

Contractor; Silverline Mechanical

Approx value; £350,000

Equipment details; 3 x 200 KW Chiller, 12 x VRF systems

Completion date; Jun-05

Special features; Offices served with VRF and flight simulator served by water chiller

Site  Name; Porsche Reading

End user; Porsche

Consultant; Forman Roberts

Contractor; Oasis Airconditioning

Approx value; £180,000

Equipment details; 1 x 800 KW Chiller, 3 x VRF systems

Completion date; Dec-04

Special features; All units colour cordinate to match the Porsche colours

Site Name; Buchanan House St James Square

End user; Speculative office

Consultant; FHP

Contractor; Silverlife

Approx. value; £430,000

Equipment details; 19 x Panasonic VRF systems and 2 x AHUS

Completion date; Jul-15

Special features; Low height changeover boxes, allowed a 3 pipe system to be installed and ensured that Panasonic won the order.

Site Name; AHH Tamworth

End user; AHH Pharmaceutical

Consultant; ACR

Contractor; ATS

Approx. value; £250,000

Equipment details; 2 x AHU'S 6 x Panasonic GHP Condensing units

Completion date; Dec-14

Special features; Full packaged unit with gas fired condensing units and trend controls